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Olive Egger Genetics

I am SUCH a nerd for genetics!

I have had so many questions on genetics and possibilities, we found the BEST charts from The Head Family Farm and Silver Homestead for showcasing the breeding lines of Olive Eggers.

Now, we specifically use the Olive Egger Rooster charts because our boy Ciyde (Welsh for loudmouth) is a late generation (8th or above) Olive Egger from heavy bloom lines.

The possibilities are the fun part of breeding any colored layers!

Now, knowing your genetics for your rooster and hen makes a world of a difference in knowing your possible outcomes.

Now, like I mentioned above, knowing your genetics is probably the most important part of your breeding program, regardless of what outcome you're looking for in chicks and eggs.

I've seen some crosses advertised on local/state Facebook chicken groups that wouldn't result in Olive Eggers, but Easter Eggers. In all honesty, if fun color is what you're looking for, then it's perfectly fine. However, if you're looking for good genetics for Olive Eggers, you most definitely want to ask the parentage and ask for pictures to verify what the person is using to make their crosses.

Genetics are fascinating to me, and I will always be chasing the Olive Egg rainbow! Blame it on my parents for passing down their scientific and genetics mindset! 😜

Happy chickening y'all!

The Mermaid 🧜‍♀️💜🩵

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