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Coop Ready Pullet

Coop Ready Pullet

These are coop ready, fully feathered pullets. Depending on time of year, usually fully feathered by 6-8 weeks and ready to be outside!

✨The $20 is to reserve each pullet, the remaining $20 will be required when you pick up!

Total for each pullet is $40✨

We can keep until close to laying 12-14 weeks or if you’re comfortable getting them early we can let go anywhere from 6-10 weeks.

All of our pullets are Olive Eggers of varying generations, could have muffs and beards,

feathered feet or none of the above. Feather colors will vary, depending on how many are ordered and what we have available, provide the best number or email and we can send progress pictures and potentially allow you to pick your own before you come to pick up.

These will be required to have a 50% deposit of $20 BEFORE we start growing them out for you.

✨These are LOCAL pickup only!✨

  • Number & Email

    Please make sure you leave a good number for texts and an email so updates and pickup notifications can be sent!

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